A (very) little bit about the lady in charge...

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When Athanae was five years old, she wrote a 22-page autobiography. Self-interested? Maybe: but they say the first thing you write is always about yourself. She harboured dreams of being a ballerina and opera singer, later abandoned in the more sensible pursuit of studying law, becoming a journalist and then following a career in Federal Politics (perhaps mainstream is a better description than sensible).

Athanae learnt Italian at school, and her first overseas trip was to Italy, where she landed in Florence, looked up, and declared she finally felt she was home. Thus began, from age 16, the division of home and heart into two places: the wild beaches, vast coastline and the space and freedom of Western Australia, and the vibrant, history-filled, family, food and culture-focused environment of Tuscany.

That binary continues in to her professional life too: the pull towards movement and creative expression was so strong that while working as a consultant to non-profits like Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s Minderoo Foundation and youth suicide prevention charity Youth Focus, Athanae cultivated a second (and highly fulfilling) career in movement, qualifying as a yoga, pilates and barre instructor before teaching extensively in group classes across multiple studios in Perth, as well as in Tuscany.

While Athanae very much enjoyed the scope of politics and policy creation to positively influence lives, her heart lies with a more individually and small-group focused, ground up approach to creation of community, change and empowering women, which makes the fitness, outdoor, travel and lifestyle writing industries a perfect fit. She strongly believes that giving a woman the tools to be strong, confident and the best version of herself, she creates a ripple effect across families and friendship groups that can change the world for the better. She has volunteered as a board member for The Hunger Project in Western Australia and served on the WA committee for UN Women.

The first Australian exchange student to travel to Slovakia, Athanae has a strong affinity with south and east continental Europe, and harbours dreams of further travel, especially in Asia and South America. She still sings opera around the house and occasionally pretends to be a ballerina.

Athanae Lucev