Get fit. Get strong. Get together. 

I cut my teeth in group teaching and I love everything about it: creating wicked playlists (think Taylor Swift and Beyonce), crafting clever combinations of exercises that will sculpt, tone, challenge your balance and improve your strength, all in a non-judgmental, inclusive and fun atmosphere where all classes cater for beginners through to seasoned participants. Get fit. Get strong. Get on it!


Regular schedule

(Please check specific studio timetables for any week-to-week changes)

Perth Pilates Studio

Monday 6am: Learn to Run
Monday 5pm: Barre
Monday 6pm: Barre
Wednesday 6am: Learn to Run
Friday 6am: Barre
Friday 5pm: Barre
Friday 6pm: Barre
Saturday 7am: Learn to Run
Saturday 8am: Pilates for Runners

Xtend Barre Perth

Tuesday 6.45am: Pilates
Saturday 10.15am: Yin Yoga

Private and corporate classes

What clients say...


"Athanae is an amazing instructor. She is so thorough in her instruction of each exercise, that even if you thought you knew what you were doing, once you make her adjustments it feels totally different.

She is so knowledgable on the muscles and mechanics of the body, that it makes it easy to follow exactly what she is asking you to do.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of her class, is that she always leaves time for an amazing stretch, done with suitably relaxing music playing. I find it a whole mind and body work out, and you can tell she loves what she is doing."

"Athanae is one of those instructors whose classes you’re willing to travel to the other side of the town for. At 6am. While there is a plethora of classes available in Perth Ath’s classes are different.

She is always prepared – her classes have structure and a cool playlist to work out to that pushes to work that little bit extra harder.

Ath really understands how your body works and always ensures you get the technique right. And she is also a lot of fun to be around, so get ready for a lot of (un)intended puns. Whether it is barre, pilates or yoga, I can’t recommend Athanae more!"

"Athanae is an amazing teacher. She makes everybody in the room feel important and is so inspirational! 

She took me from inflexible to being toned and lean. She makes exercise fun and tailors her teaching dependent on capability."