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Over the last 15 years I have written, research and edited stories, features and op-eds for broadsheet, tabloid and magazines in the SevenWest and Fairfax stables and for titles including Broadsheet Perth, Women's Agenda and Iris Lillian. 

I was a speechwriter and policy and media adviser in the Australian Federal Parliament for a number of years, have worked on media strategy for clients in the energy, power, property and retail sectors and also worked for mining magnate Andrew Forrest's Minderoo Foundation. 

A selection of published work is below. Please contact me for enquiries in relation to writing work and read my personal blog here.  

The West Australian


broadsheet perth

Down the Pigeonhole: The Creativity Behind a Retail Success Story - Happy 10 years, Pigeonhole

Throwing Punchesthe Young Women's Boxing Project

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Going with the Flowa PIAF live music and yoga event

Yogaworx moves to the State Buildings - Perth's yoga power couple are now on the Terrace

Bring Bach and Balance to your weekendlive music and meditation at PIAF

Iris Lillian 

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Why you should step away from the treadmill

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How to deal with stress at work

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How to maintain your health and sanity over the holidays

The Sydney Morning Herald

Women in trousers argument is absolutely pants

explore tuscany 

A taste of the Via Francigena

Trekking the Gulf of Poets: Portovenere to Riomaggiore

Women's Agenda

Are you properly equipped to lead?

SPICE magazine