Athanae Lucev
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Athanae Lucev
Born and raised on the Australian beach but with a heart in Italy, Athanae is Pilates and Yoga teacher and travel and lifestyle writer

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yoga & pilates.



Born and raised by the beach in beautiful Perth WA,  now I split my time between home in Perth, Western Australia and home in Camaiore, Tuscany.

I teach private, small group and studio classes, assist retreats and write for travel and lifestyle publications. 



Before I was a yoga teacher I was a journalist. I still write, as well as advise on communications strategy. See my work here



Move with me: find my group class timetable, book a private class or event and find out about my movement philosophy. 



'We tell him to keep the $2 change & he tells us it will buy him half the beer he’s not meant to have with his mates tonight...' Tales from the road.