You are worthy


Read this. Know this.

You are worthy.

Of the greatest love.

Love that moves mountains.

Love that peeks into your darkest places and says ‘come and sit with me now here till this passes’. Even when you don’t ask. Especially when you don’t ask.

Love that doesn’t waver.

Love that pronounces its presence every single day.

You are worthy.

Of the highest respect.

The deepest trust.

Of oceans of contentment. Rivers of joy.

Of pure happiness.

Of peace in your soul.

Of lightness of spirit and daily laughter. Of pause for reflection and of adventure; of hearing the door slam hard behind you on that which no longer serves you and giving yourself the permission to be free from shame.

To move forward with grace and a skip in your step. Always.

You are worthy.  

cape to cape ath.jpeg